The right path

Cobryx is a software company based in Cagliari, Italy that brings together top IT professionals to provide reliable services through cutting-edge technologies.

Cobryx started in 2018 from the experience of its founders in complex software development contexts and from the awareness of the limitationss of production processes in the field.

Our main goal is to provide modern, effective, and affordable software solutions through tools and methodologies aligned to the best practices.

We support our customers in the technological and design choices, allowing them to reduce the time and risk of their projects.

We are aware IT can be an overwhelming confusing sector, how mutable and varied it has become in recent times; for this reason, we want to offer a consultancy service that is able to reduce entropy and direct the customer on a safe path, the right path.

Innovation is the result of different skills and experiences.

To govern processes means not only adopting the proper best practices but also knowing how to assess the results obtained step by step. 



Innovation is not an empty word. Trying to address in different ways old and new needs and avoid making the same mistakes, that’s what innovation means.


We know how time is an important factor for any project, that is why we take estimates and deadlines very seriously. We try to be as honest as possible in our assessment, we are aware that there are no miracle solutions at hand.


We always want to be in full control, so we rely on specific metrics that can summarise the results and the quality of the software.


Many customers reach out to us after they have tried multiple solutions without getting the results they wanted.
Regardless of the context or sector, our first approach is to provide a clear analysis in terms of time and costs.

Mutual trust and confidentiality are factors that we hold in high regard during all phases of our work.
In our team we have very different backgrounds, this allows us to better understand the needs of customers and to provide more precise answers.

We believe in the multidisciplinarity of our team; whether it is the creation of a new online store or the development of web apps or the maintenance of legacy systems, we can start a virtuous path with you.

Each important choice is taken together with our clients


We provide a wide range of support from outsourced development to work reorganisation.
Check our services page to get a full overview.

Yes, we can provide you with a free, no-obligation consultation based on your needs. With the first information you will provide us, we will be able to support you with one of our consultants.

Yes. This type of project is very common and often even very delicate, for this reason we provide specific support and a risk assessment in order to preserve the existing features and improve their efficiency.

You can reach us through the form here.

We use a wide variety of technologies that we pick-up on the basis of the client project needs.
The list below shows some of the technologies we use most frequently:

  • .NET – Native software projects, mobile apps and back-ends
  • AWS, Azure – Cloud Services Management
  • Angular, React, Blazor – Front-end development
  • WPF, Qt – Advanced UI
  • SQL Server, Redis – Data and flow management
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 – CRM and ERP applications
  • ML.NET, Apache Spark, TensorFlow – Machine learning

We are always looking for new talents.
Here you can browse the open positions or propose your spontaneous application.


 We use the best development practices to achieve high quality and safe products.