The wise use of IT and innovation are nowadays the key factors in the success of big and small companies. Taking advantage of the know-how provided by experts in the industry, today is no more an option but a necessity.

Do you wish to take your business up to date?

Our experts are able to advise you on which technology is better for your project and how to get the best from it. From finance to medicine, from industrial automation to social networks, IT runs at a very fast pace: we can help you keep up with it.

IT BUDGET 2020 - Trend

According to the current trend, hardware will continue to absorb most of the IT budget, however it will decrease slightly from 35% in 2019 to 33% in 2020.

The budget for software, cloud, and other services will remain constant with some variability depending on company size.

  • Hosting & Cloud
  • Hardware
  • Gestione servizi
  • Software

From “The annual report on IT budgets and tech trends”

Maintaining a good level of IT infrastructure requires resources and time.

In recent years, there has been a certain stagnation of IT budgets in contrast to the need to renew production processes and the growing systems complexity and their necessary maintenance, with the consequent increase in costs:
this has created and can create a gap.

To boost innovation, it is necessary to reduce the gap by enhancing productivity and becoming more “agile”.
Cobryx helps you do this by building an environment that allows you to increase productivity and efficiency and preparing you for the future.

Organisational Reengineering

It often happens that poorly organized teams fail to meet deadlines or fail to achieve the expected quality levels.

For this reason, organizational reengineering can be used as a very important tool in reducing this kind of problem.


  • Improve and measure productivity
  • Reduction of costs and unnecessary effort
  • Remove unproductive methods and processes
  • Put the whole team on a virtuous path